Berlin’s Suicide Club Rebrands To Lokschuppen Berlin

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_Suicide Club Berlin
A new start for 2024

Berlin’s Suicide Club is now known as Lokschuppen Berlin.

Suicide - lokschuppen-berlin

This bold move is more than just a cosmetic change; it represents a conscious decision to move away from the negative associations of the past and embrace a more positive step.


“Since 2009, we have been part of transforming the venue located at RAW into a vibrant place known for its electronic music, creative atmosphere and community. Our old name was meant to commemorate the legendary New York band Suicide, whose experimental sound and provocative aesthetic defined the music scene of the 70s and 80s. We wanted to express our love of music and art.

But we also realized that our name sometimes led to misunderstandings and prejudices. We don’t want our club to be associated with anything negative. We want our club to be a place of joy, inspiration and encounters. That is why we have decided to change our name and reposition ourselves.

Our new name is Lokschuppen Berlin. It reflects our connection to the place where we are located.”

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