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Mind Music Interviews Stephan Licha! 

Hey Stephan, Thank you for taking time out for me!

Chiffvone: For our readers that may not know who you are, please introduce yourself in 1 sentence?

Stephan: Hi 🙂 I´m Stephan and I´m from Berlin, Germany! I have been a DJ/Producer for nearly 12 years now.

Chiffvone: Do you think being born and bred in Germany gives you an edge with the style of music you do?Stephan

Stephan: I don´t think Germany in general but Berlin had a big big influence on my style of music and my way of producing and DJ’ing. I was born in a small town called Bayreuth and my move to Berlin changed a lot in my creative way of thinking.

Chiffvone: How long have you been DJ’ing and producing and what got you into it?

Stephan: I did my first steps when I was 15 yrs old so for 12 years now. My uncle was doing parties in my hometown so I was able to go to parties pretty early in my life. I also got connected to some DJs and I was pretty curious about what they were doing so I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to learn to DJ too. I bought turntables with my best friend Max and that is really how it all started 🙂

Chiffvone: What is your current studio set up?

Stephan: I use Maschine or the battery for my grooves and beats. I also have a Doepfer Dark Energy II and a Korg Minilogue as Analog setup, my audioface is the Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 and I have two pairs of monitors; Samson Resolv A8 and Genelec 1031 A. I also have a really nice self-built monitor switch from my friend Philipp. Thanks Philipp 🙂 it´s not really much but I rather know my machines perfectly and use them in full extent.

Chiffvone: Who are your influences?

Stephan: Producing wise it´s Stimming, &me and Tale Of Us. I think their productions are always really unique and powerful. Especially Stimming and &me are pretty different to whats on the market so I like their style a lot. I also love to listen to Stefano Noferini´s newest Club Editions every Friday 🙂

Chiffvone: Are you into any other styles of music and if so do you incorporate these into your productions?

Stephan: I like swing and Jazz a lot but I also like to listen to old school hip-hop and Chill-out music. I’m outing myself as a big Robbie Williams fan. I love to watch his live shows on dvd especially the one at the Royal Albert Hall obviously.

Chiffvone: (Ha Ha Ha) So describe your sound?

Stephan: It is a mixture between Techno and Tech House but its always bouncy. I don´t like toooo much melody stuff. It always has to be a clear sound, a good groovy beat but driving though.

Chiffvone: Nice, so where has been to date your fave place to play and why?

Stephan: There have been a lot of good memorable nights but it´s always special to play at my residency in Bayreuth at Kommune Open Air. I always meet a lot of good old friends plus the vibe and the venue are really familiar. I also played in an opera house some years ago which was very cool.

Chiffvone: Who are you currently rating in the music scene?

Stephan: Stimming always is my number one. But at the moment I really enjoy what Pan-Pot are doing, especially their mixes and live-sets are really banging… I like Stefano Noferini a lot and so everything on his label deeperfect. But Be as One Rec and Lemon Aid are faves too.

Chiffvone: Nice, what advice would you give to anyone starting out as a DJ and Producer?

Stephan: Be passionate about it and never forget that its about the music and its feelings. I started DJing first and started producing years later. So train your ears, play as much as you can and spend time with searching for music. Always listen to others tracks and mixtapes to get inspired and learn something but do it your way and the way YOU like it. Then you will always be happy with what you´re doing and that is the absolutely most important point!!!

Chiffvone: Great advice Stephan! So where can our readers catch you next?

Stephan: I play at the Weekend Club Berlin on 10.09.16, Vienna at Klub Gru on 17.09.16, Zurich @ Valmann Bar on 23.09.16 and Bayreuth at Kommune Open Air on 24.09.16!

Massive thank you to Stephan and you can follow Stephan on Facebook!

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