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Assemble the raving crew and join us

I am pleased to announce ‘RETAKE‘, a new event brand curated by myself and best friend Olivia to help maintain club culture, keep electronic dance music thriving and people dancing.

RETAKE Statement

One of the main aims of our events is to build a community where everyone is welcome.
A safe space where all people can enjoy, express themselves, and have freedom not tied to trends.

We are building the brand from the bottom up to ensure we create an event that is not only about the music but the overall experience.

Get ready for a musical journey as we work with established & upcoming artists at each party, spinning all sides of electronic dance music touching on all the different eras.

Check out the Retake mix by L&F – 90 mins of crisp House & UK Garage.

Click here for details on the first party happening on 10th August 2024 in South London!

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