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I am back and have managed to catch up with ~ Ivar Dreieck 

Chiffvone: Welcome Ivar and thank you in advance for the chat!
So for those of our readers that don’t know, where in the world are you

Ivar: Hi! First of all, thanks a lot for this opportunity. I´m from Spain, exactly from Valencia, it´s in the Mediterranean coast side. There we have got a lot of “rice tradition” like the Paella Valenciana. Musically speaking, it is very common to find street bands and good electronic music. From when we are kids, music is part of our lives.

Chiffvone: Germany is like known to be the capital of Electronic music, If you could choose one club which one and why?

Ivar: There are a lot of important clubs around here in Berlin but I like the small ones with really good music, vibes and an amazing atmosphere like Golden Gate. If I have to choose one, I would say Griessmühle: it has three
spaces, two inside and one outside; in the inside one you have got a little
darker/industrial techno but you can also enjoy the music outside (during
the day) with a really good space to relax and take in the fresh air, directly next to the canal. It´s awesome.

Chiffvone: Great mix by the way!  Lets talk about music, how would you describe your sound? 

Ivar: I do like all kinds of electronic music but I really love techno. I like the presence of the melodies; from the smallest detail until the hypnotic
loopy ones.

I also like techno with Groove, when you put a dry kick, an
easy percussion and a deep bass all together; it creates something amazing that makes your body move in a kind of unconscious way…that is great.

Chiffvone: Now then Ivar, what made you get into DJ’in? 

Ivar: My uncle; he is like a big brother for me. He always listens to vinyls and cassettes from like the 80´s. They have an electronic touch and a drum machine behind. My parents also listen to classical music, Spanish 80´s pop, bossanova, salsa and so on. I grew up with a lot of music around me.

In the early 90´s in Valencia, after a massive clubbing movement from the
80´s, lots of clubs closed their doors because of social and authorities
pressures. After that dance music, italo dance and Hardcore went from
strength to strength. This style was everywhere on the radio stations and I
started mixing music in my mind. Then I went a step forward and started creating mixes from the songs, recording tapes and trying to avoid adds or the locator speaking from the radio to obtain a weakly mix with fresh music.

I started going to festivals and in this way I discovered the Techno. I know
now what techno means to me but at the beginning I did not understand
what techno was trying to tell me. It all happened when I was in the
Monegros Festival in Spain, in the middle of a desert (yes, in Spain there is a small desert), when I was enjoying an Angel Molina set. I did feel it, I did understand it.

Chiffvone: Nice! Musically – Who gives you inspirational? 

Ivar: Like I said before, I love melodies and for me James Holden and all Border community crew are amazing. Nathan Fake, Margot, Fairmont, Extrawelt, Miniloge… I also love Detroit techno; Richie Hawtin techno side.

Birmingham Techno with Surgeon, Regis, Steve Stoll or dutch techno with Rod, Rachmann and of course I love Spanish and German techno too; Oscar Mulero, Exium, Tensal, Pysk, among others and then Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Len Faki that is just to name a few. Everyone that I have named influences me in one way or another.

Chiffvone: Some great names there so are you currently working on any new tracks? 

Ivar: Yes, I am working on some tracks now, I am always on something but I need more time to produce. I would like to get some tracks completely finished and produced in a couple of months and would love them to come to light at some point. I want to focus on the creation and production of new tracks within the next months and during the next Winter. I really would love to make it my livelihood, but who doesn´t…

Chiffvone: If you could release on any label, which one and why? 

Ivar: That is not an easy answer. I do like a lot of different genres, I do consider Easy tapes is a great Label or Sinnebus, Warp or Ninjatune even if they work with other kind of genres too.
Nowadays, with all the independent labels that exist and in this point
when one can create their own label with the music that one love it
would be difficult to find The Label.

Maybe, if I had to choose I would have to decide between Giegling,
Modularz or Forbidden. I love this three labels but because of the techno
I like, I would choose Modularz from Developer. I really like the vision that he has from the techno music, it´s represented not only in his references but in the other artists who work with him too.

Chiffvone: Very true there! Other than House & Techno, do you enjoy any other genres? 

Ivar: I love music! It is kind of the sound around my life. I do hear a lot of
genres like Jazz, traditional music from around the world (the ones that
are quite different from the European traditional music), instrumental
music and OST.

I do like the new vision of electronic mixed with classic music
from Olafur Arnalds or Nils Frahm; if the music makes me feel something, I do hear it.

Ivar DJin at Voidance Presents at Radio – The Label Bar Berlin

Chiffvone: When you are not DJ’in or producing, what do you get up to? 

Ivar: If I´m not DJin or in the studio then I do love to hang out with my girlfriend and friends and share time with people who I share interests with.

I like films and TV series, travelling or riding my bike around Berlin. I do love spending time somewhere with fresh air.

Chiffvone: So tell me, which toys do you have in the studio and do you have a favorite one?

Ivar: I have some synthesizers like VirusC from Access, TB3 from Roland or Evolver from DSI aand I do love the Plugin from Waves called Element. I have got the Drum Machine from Elektron; the Analog Rytm.
I haven’t got a lot of stuff but everything I have is all what I always
wanted to have; I love what each one can offer to me.
My favorite could be the VirusC mixed with a great sequencer.

Chiffvone: Any big plans for the rest of 2017? 

Ivar: I would like to be able to focus my life in the music, to get more places where to DJ and be able to release my tracks so people could hear my vision of Techno. Just to do what makes me happy, do things that makes me really feel good and not to do something because I do have to. Trying to find my way into the music world, is the plan from the 2017.

You can find Ivar Dreieck on Facebook, click here.


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