Korg Reveals Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Korg NC-Q1
The NC-Q1s are specially made to be used in loud environments

Korg are taking the DJ game up a step with their latest product announced; noise cancelling headphones ‘NC-Q1‘.

Korg Noise Cancelling Headphones

Korg Official Statement

‘We all know that your most important tools for any performance are… your ears! That’s why we spent years researching the environments where performers – especially DJs – monitor their music in order to develop a whole new level in headphones which combines a unique blend of features to provide a seamlessly integrated and safe DJ experience.’

The NC-Q1s are a very new kind of Bluetooth technology, developed to protect users ears even in loud environments whilst delivering high definition sound!

The headphones have been designed to be used by DJs and live performers, offering both passive & active noise cancelling as well as Smart Monitoring with EQ and volume control for external noise.

Korg NC-Q1

If you fancy upgrading your current headphones, these will set you back £299.00 and are already on sale – www.korg.com

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