March 2024 Music Round Up

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March Music 2024

March picks coming in strong with tasty vocals &  sweet basslines that will make you want to dance into summer

Baby – Step 2 Dis

The first discovery in March was ‘Step 2 Dis’ aka Osmosis Jones new 2-track ‘Baby’ release. A great 2-step soulful treat, with the ‘main mix’ track catching my attention instantly.

Pressure – Ell Murphy

A nice release from South London’s Ell Murphy showcasing her sassy vocals over the bumpy basslines.

Flashback EP – Jeremy Sylvester

Jeremy Sylvester joins the Time Is Now crew with this 5-track groovy EP. ‘In The Morning’ packs a punch with those vocals set over the bouncy beats.

The Return EP

124 Recordings returns with this 4-track limited release focused on 90s-influenced underground house music.

Check out February’s music round up here.

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