Limited Edition Recycled Headphones Are Now On Sale

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AIAIAI x Ninja Tune Headphones

AIAIAI has teamed up with Ninja Tune

The first ever recycled headphones are here and even better, they are made from vinyl!

Recycled Headphones

AIAIAI has teamed up with Ninja Tune to produce the worlds first recycled headphones, made from Ninja Tune’s own vinyl stock!

Ninja Tune Overview

“We are keenly aware of the need to explore more ecological and earth positive means of manufacturing. To continue to exist as an industry we need to place these topics at the forefront of discussions and decisions. This collaboration is not the final answer, but more so an example of how working towards greener solutions can lead to innovative and exciting results. This project is an opportunity to continue to shine a light on an increasingly pressing global issue.”

Recycled Vinyl Headphones

The TMA-2 headphones are award winning and supported all over the world by artists and have been enhanced over the last 10 years.

They are available to purchase here, priced at £220.00.

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