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Chiffvone: Welcome welcome and thank you both for joining me for a chat. How are you both?

Meli: Hey! Thanks for having us! We are good! Macho has been in the studio all morning and I just finished a couple of flyers and promo info for our next event!

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Chiffvone: Where in the world are you both based just in-case our readers aren’t sure?

Meli: We are located near the Arenal Volcano, in Alajuela, Costa Rica. (Central America). We live in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, 2 hrs from where the parties are. It is extremely relaxed and an inspirational place to be.

Chiffvone: Lovely 🙂 Right so I know you are both DJs, Producers, label owners and are married, how do you do it all together without killing each other? (haha)

Meli: We have been together 24/7 for a while and since we both have the same goals and visions it is easier and super chill (can be hectic if work related) It is also important to differentiate when we are co-workers and when we are a marriage. We are a team and the last 2 years have proven how much we can grow and learn from each other. It’s fun cause we are doing what we love with someone that we love.

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Chifvone: I have to say it can be a lonely world for a lot of DJs/Producers with touring and studio time so you guys have got it made 🙂

Chiffvone: You both do events too, where do these take place?

Meli: Yes! Well we did a few back in June and July when we were in Europe, in Spain and Holland. Also back in October when we went to Mexico. In Costa Rica we have a big party once a month normally in Club Vertigo or Club Venue. We have 3 main parties: Boca A Boca, Baila Tu Cuerpo and DESP!CH3.

Chiffvone: How long have you both been DJs/Producers and what came first?

Meli: Macho started playing break beat and nuskool when he was 13… After years of studying and working he decided to study music production 3 & half years ago.

I took spinnin’ classes back when I lived in Chile about 6 years ago and started producing super recently like a year and half ago.

Chiffvone: When and why did you both decide to start a label?

Meli: We were sick of working just to pay bills, Macho was managing a restaurant and I was freelancing for graphic design and video. 2 years ago, when we got to Costa Rica with the little off time we had, we tried to get into parties and speak to promoters but no one was really interested. We decided to create our own label and event promotion called Puchero Records (it’s a kind of Spanish stew, so we say we cook our music). So we started making small parties and played our music.

Meli Rodriguez

Chiffvone: I like how driven you both are! Ok so when signing music for your label what do you both look for?

Macho: We love signing new artists because we know exactly how it feels to be one and needing support. We are here to support and if you work hard with us things will go great! We don’t just sign a track, its more like joining a family. We have a bunch of artists from everywhere in the world and we literally are like a small global family. For Puchero Records we are looking for Techno, Tech House and Minimal. We have 8 other labels aside from Puchero so if you have other music like trap, ghouse, house, edm, dubstep, hip hop whatever, we can give that a home.

Chiffvone: Nice, is the label currently accepting demos?

Macho: Of course! [email protected] (Private SC link)

Chiffvone: Name your fave artists of 2016?

Macho: Dubfire & Richie Hawtin

Meli: Pirupa, Rich Wakley & GAWP

Macho Iberico

Chiffvone: Where would be your dream place to play in the world?

Meli: Make our own massive festivals everywhere in the world and just travel and play til we die 🙂

Chiffvone: Well I shall be keeping an eye out for this 🙂 Thank you both again for the mix and for answering some questions.

Meli & Macho: It was our pleasure! Thank you for asking us!

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