Rinse FM Announces Kool London Radio Takeover

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Rinse Fm - Kool London Radio
Kool FM will be back soon with a new roster of DJs and MCs

Rinse FM, a leading underground dance music station, has announced the acquisition of Kool London AKA Kool FM.

Rinse takeover Kool

Kool FM, a legendary pirate station, began broadcasting from the East London rooftops in 1991 and quickly became the platform for jungle & DNB artists.

The station also established a regular club night – Jungle Fever.

Rinse FM founder Geeneus made this announcement via social media:

“Welcome to the Rinse family Kool FM!

Around the age of 12 years old, I was introduced to Pirate radio by some of my older cousins. It wasn’t long after that I stumbled upon Kool FM 94.5, and it soon became an obsession. I would be constantly listening to the likes of Ron & SL, Trace & Rhyme Time and of course Brockie and Det. I would spend the weekends recording my favourite shows to listen back to during the week at school on my walkman.

Starting Rinse for me was based on the passion and love I had for Kool FM. To be able to join the Pirate radio community and showcase true underground music created in our community was something I was extremely proud of, and for that we have Kool to thank.

I can’t even begin to explain how I’d feel if I could tell the 15 year me we would one day we would own Kool FM and Jungle Fever and have the opportunity to continue the legacy of such an important part of the electronic music scene.

Keeping the core foundations of what Kool FM stands for and being able to represent the entire scene with a wide/diverse pool of talent from over 30 years of jungle/drum & bass is something I am very passionate about and can’t wait to get to work on.

Thank you to the entire Kool family, Eastman and Suzy for trusting me with this. It means a lot. Kool FM, Jungle Fever – Let’s Gooo!”

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