Roland Release a New Drum Machine

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The TR-8 has had an upgrade

Roland have announced a new drum machine – TR-8S released later this month…

The TR-8S is an updated version of the 2014 TR-8 model and has a lot of functions that users have been longing for.

Now the most exciting change is sampling, the TR-8S will still have the sounds from the other famous drum machines – 808, 909, 707, 727 & 606 but it will now be possible to upload your own stereo and mono samples via SD card.

Other features include parameter locking which lets you record and loop changes to the sound in real time, eight individual outputs which allows you to process each sound individually with a trigger output for sequencing eternal hardware.

The TR-8S can also store 128 patterns with eight variations and three fills each and functions as a multi-channel soundcard and MIDI interface.


This new drum machine is priced at €699, click here for more.

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