Teenage Engineering’s New Portable Vinyl Cutting Machine PO-80

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Teenage Engineering PO-80 record factory

Create your own 5″ records on the go

Teenage Engineering has released a portable, USB-powered vinyl cutting machine.

PO-80 Vinyl cutting machineMade in collaboration with Japanese designer Yuri Suzukia, the machine allows users to cut 5″ records at home and playback in lo-fi sound.

The PO-80 is designed to be assembled at home and includes 6x black blank records, so you are ready to go once built.

There seems to be many different record players popping up lately as Ikea launches an all-black turntable this month but nothing as fun as this PO-80 design.

The PO-80 Record Factory is priced at £149, click here for more information.

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