Introducing the TMA-2 DJ XE: The New Lightweight DJ Headphones from AIAIAI

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Keeping with the brand’s signature ‘modular’ design & eco-friendly ethos

AIAIAI, the Danish audio company known for their innovative modular headphones has just released a new pair – TMA-2 DJ XE.

AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ XE side View


Weighing only 168 grams, these new headphones are currently one of the lightest DJ headphones on the market.

TMA-2 DJ XE Full view

Another key feature of the TMA-2 DJ XE is the sound quality. The headphones are engineered with a 40mm speaker diaphragm made from stiff bio-cellulose to reduce distortion and increase transparency.

The TMA-2 modular headphone system, like all AIAIAI models, allows users to change out the headband, earpads, cables, and speaker units for a more personalised fit.

Priced at £120|139€, you can pre-order your new headphones here.


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