New Yamaha Design Lab Idea Turns Your Smartphone Into A Turntable

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Yamaha Design Lab Smartphone

Taking smartphones to a new musical level

Yamaha Design Lab has revealed its Stepping Out of the Slate design series.

Birds eye view Yamaha Smartphone concept


Proposal for new music devices that work in symbiosis with smartphone apps.
When you listen to your favorite music, when you want a little sweet background music before going to bed, when you wish to play relaxing background music, or when you are playing the guitar and want an accompaniment to set the tempo – how would you like to start the music playing?


Ok, so this one caught my attention – TurnT

The TurnT is a box shaped gadget like a turntable with a speaker inside and a ‘stylus’ aka arm that sits on top of your smartphone and plays the selected song.


The team has also developed three further prototypes that are all intended to function with smartphone apps.

To check out the full series, click here.

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