Drumsheds: A New 15,000-Capacity Venue Opening in North London

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Drumsheds IKEA Tottenham London

Tottenham IKEA is transforming into a cultural space

The former IKEA in Tottenham, London is being transformed into a new venue ‘DRUMSHEDS‘. The 608,000 square-foot warehouse space will be able to accommodate up to 15,000 people, making it one of the largest indoor venues in London.

Inside IKEA - Drumsheds London

Not to be confused with the former DRUMSHEDS, this new space is being operated by Broadwick Live, the same company that owns and operates The Beams, Field Day, and the recently closed Printworks. The venue is expected to host a variety of events, including music concerts, fashion shows, and cultural exhibitions.

_Outside IKEA Tottenham

This new space is opening September 2023, click here for more info.

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