Onyx Record Press: A New Vinyl Pressing Plant in L.A

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Onyx Record Press Vinyl pressing plant

The plant features four state-of-the-art machines

Techno DJ and producer Drumcell has opened a new vinyl pressing plant in Los Angeles, Onyx Record Press.

Onyx record vinyl pressing plant

Onyx Record Press offers a variety of vinyl pressing services, including single-pressings, multi-pressings, colored vinyl, special finishes, and custom packaging.


‘ONYX RECORD PRESS was born out of our firm belief in nurturing the music communities by prioritizing indie labels and artists. We aim to democratize access for clients who have often been confronted with prohibitive timelines or outright rejection, and expedite delivery through our state-of-the-art machines. The path towards unveiling this venture has been laden with anticipation, but we are thrilled, passionate, and proud of the service we can extend to our community of artists. Our journey has been arduous, encompassing countless meetings, countless hours of meticulous planning, and overcoming a myriad of obstacles, all while maintaining our unwavering determination to address the prolonged wait times plaguing the vinyl manufacturing industry.’

The factory is currently taking pre-orders, and is expected to start pressing vinyl next month, August 2023. The plant is equipped with four state-of-the-art vinyl pressing machines, and it has a team of experienced engineers and artists who are passionate about vinyl. The team are also committed to sustainability and will be using eco-friendly practices.

For more info, click here.

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