Korg Finally Announces Powerful Hybrid Drum Machine ‘Drumlogue’

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Korg Drumlogue machine
Is this the machine everyone has been waiting for?

Korg first revealed the ‘Drumlogue‘ back in January 2021 with a short video showing the interface alongside details about the sound engine, but it wasn’t on show at this year’s Superbooth which left people guessing.

Korg - Back


The introduction of Drumlogue marks a paradigm shift for drum machines. It combines the rich and raw power of analogue, the flexibility and convenience of digital, and the deep customisation of a unique SDK. A heavy-duty dynamic sequencer, powerful effects, and intuitive controls make Drumlogue a must-have in any setup.

Korg’s new drum machine also doubles up as a synth, offering both analogue and digital sounds.

Priced at £529 / €599, this new music box has certainly blown fans away.

To order yours, head over to www.korg.com today.

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