Latest Nightlife Restrictions due to COVID-19

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Due to the new variant, new rules have been introduced

Various countries including Germany, Portugal, Netherlands and Ireland have re-introduced COVID-19 restrictions due to the rising number of cases and the new variant ‘Omicron’ which is highly-transmissible.

COVID-19 Amsterdam city Centre

Current COVID-19 Nightlife Restrictions

Canada: As of the 26.12.2021, clubs and bars have been closed with further measures coming into force from 31.12.2021

France: As of 28.12.2021, there is a limit on large gatherings and a ban on consumption of food & drink in all public facilities.

Greece: As of 30.12.2021, a batch of new restrictions came into force including no music in any entertainment or food service venues.

Germany: As of 28.12.2021, new contract restrictions apply for vaccinated, recovered from and unvaccinated people. All nightclubs have been closed.

Ireland: As of 19.12.2021, an 8pm curfew has been in place for hospitality venues.

Netherlands: As of the 19.12.2021, a lockdown is in place with all bars and restaurants closed.

Portugal: As of the 25.12.2021, all nightclubs have been closed for a minimum of two weeks.

Sweden: As of the 23.12.2021, public events with 20 or more participants need to be seated.

UK: Nightlife in England currently has no restrictions but Scotland & Wales have introduced some new rules including a curfew.













Following the ban on dancing in Berlin, it was only a matter of time before the clubs would be forced to close across the country which has now become a domino affect in the EU.

We hope to see more support for the nightlife scene

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