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Exclusive interview and guest mix!

Next in the hot seat I welcome DJ/Producer – Lost & Found….

Chiffvone: Welcome and thank you for joining me for a chat Lost & Found! For those of our readers who aren’t aware of you.. Please introduce yourself in one Sentence?

Lost & Found: I’m the servant of a slave driving dog called “Mozart’ but when master gives me time off I produce and DJ House & Techno but also Score music for Movies and Games.

Chiffvone: Your dog is beautiful! So L&F where in the world do you live and is this where you grew up?

Lost & Found: Thank you 🙂 I’m living in Berlin, Germany at the moment but was born in Iran and spent my whole life in Sunny Ol’ London!

Chiffvone: Nice! Berlin is like one of the best cities in the world for music culture, what is your fave thing about the city?

Lost & Found: The Freedom is definitely the main reason I stayed. It has an openness in every sense of the word, whether it would be freedom to dress a certain way, believe a certain way or even listening to a certain style. It pushes you to be confident in the person you are and not who society expects you to be.

Lost & Found

Chiffvone: Being free is the best thing! What I am interested in knowing is where did the name ‘Lost & Found’ come from?

Lost & Found: I would love to have some cool ass story but it was just a few friends sitting around talking shit and I was like  ‘What the F*** am I gonna call myself?’ After a few stupid ones that my friends tried to mug me off with, someone said ‘Lost & Found’ and the light bulb went off in my head. It resonated with me for some reason, I guess it was my Past & Future 🙂 so technically I’m living ‘&’

Chiffvone: That sounds so random but funny! L&F, I’ve seen on your Instagram a few toys, studio toys… Talk me through your studio set up and is it at home or do you rent a space?

Lost & Found: Haha! So my studio is my apartment cos I’m lazy like that.

I have a couple of drum machines (TR8 & Drumbrute) Synth wise I have a Moog Sub 37, Nord lead A1, Blofeld, Tb3 and a few smaller bits which I just throw in from time to time if I fancy it. I record everything into Presonus Studio 3 which is basically just a recorder until I get into the mixing stage, then it is a different ball game.

Chiffvone: Now that is convenient 🙂 I’ve also seen your weekly live stream (I try and watch every week) nice set up! What made you start up a live stream?

Lost & Found: Why not! I wanted to set up my DJ equipment in my apartment so I had a table put in and thought to myself I might as well stream every week, it’ll be good practice and great for building a solid fan base.

There are other things in the pipeline; I want to begin streaming my studio sessions and also further the interaction with the audience.             So watch this space.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/335529031″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Chiffvone: Nice, I shall keep my eyes peeled! Let’s talk about music now.. Production wise, any plans for the rest of 2017?

Lost & Found: I’m Just focused on making music and releasing on ‘Voidance Records’ a label I run along with my homey Hammy Havoc who also produces under ‘The Orion Correlation’.

We are scoring and sound designing for a project called “The Goatman” which is an Indie Slasher b-movie set in Georgia, USA during the 90’s. We are having a lot of fun with it and can’t wait to show the world what we have cooked up!!

You can check out past stuff and more info here on our work:


Got some EPs coming from myself, TOC and tracks from the likes of Stephan Licha, Ivar Dreieck and REZABASHI which are ranging from Experimental, House & Techno.

All going well then we are planning some vinyl releases for Voidance also, so lots of things are in the pipeline.

People can check past releases and everything else on either www.lostandfound.mu or www.voidancerecords.com 🙂

Chiffvone: Very busy!! L&F, recently there has been a lot of talk in the industry that House music is losing its identity and a few comments from DJs advising it’s all starting to sound the same, what are your thoughts on this?

Lost & Found: I think its harder to find more ‘original’ style music for sure, of course nothing is ever original however there is a process in everything. There’s a good breakdown into this idea by Kirby Ferguson who says there are 3 stages ‘Copy, Transform and Combine. That’s how everything is pretty much made. Check it out its an eye opener for sure.

I think there are many factors that contribute to this, it’s definitely a  discussion that needs to be had for sure. Once it is being talked about then it can be addressed and hopefully solved. However it’s key that the main people in the industry lead by example and show the path to the next generation. I’ve heard a a few top DJs  just stop playing house and move to techno because they say House is not interesting any more; what I say is you should stay to fix it and not jump to the closest ship because that’s a real waste man move.

On a final note more importantly is having the highly influential belief among society and how you should fit in and be the same. That shit makes an impression on people and how far they can go within themselves

Lost & Found

Chiffvone: Some very key points there! I have noticed that you also play vinyl, is this your preferred set up and is this how you learned to DJ?

Lost & Found: Tbh I’m easy either way; Vinyl or CDJ’s.  Yeah vinyl was the original form of DJin, You can’t claim to be a DJ if you can’t mix 2 vinyl records. I don’t mean play it all the time, I’m saying just mentally & physically knowing the art of mixing.

Chiffvone: Haha! So Lost & Found when you are not doing anything musical, what other interests do you have?

Lost & Found: Sleeping, Sleeping is a favorite for sure! Love it, do it as much I can 😉

Chiffvone: I’m sure we would all love more sleep in this industry 🙂 Thank you for taking time out for a chat and wicked mix!

Lost & Found: Ha no worries, my pleasure.

If you want to find Lost & Found online, click here.


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Hammy Havoc
6 years ago

Nice interview and great mix!

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