Could The Roland TR-909 Be Coming Back

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Roland Celebrate 33 Years!!

On the 9th September 2016, Roland will be treating us all to a 24-hour online musical festival to celebrate 33 years of the TR-909.

Roland AIRA have also announced they will be unveiling lots of new electronic instruments which has me thinking the TR-909 might be making a comeback.

Make sure you all join the live stream on the 9th September and get ready to see the musical toys they unleash. Exciting!

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Hammy Havoc
7 years ago

Can’t imagine where they’ll go from the TR-8, maybe drop the price with a less outrageous aesthetic more akin to the TR-909, and make it a bit smaller? Korg seems to be going in hard with the smaller range of products right now, seems to be what’s selling; portable gear.

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