Sennheiser Releases New HD Headphones

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New model headphones are a follow-up to the HD 650

Well hello to these new beauties from Sennheiser

Sennheiser have just released these new model headphones HD 660 S which are the successor of the HD 650 model.

The new HD 660 S headphones features enhanced audio technology and expanded device compatibility, Sennheiser claims it has improved the design in a few ways compared with the 650 model including an improved transducer design to reduce harmonic distortion – Each transducer is paired and placed in the headphones by hand!

Sennheiser have also dropped the impedance to 150 ohms compared to the 300 ohms on the HD 650 headphones.

The HD 660 S headphones are priced at $499.95, click here for more information.

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