SoundCloud Reveals New Profile Verification

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Official blue ticks for artists

SoundCloud have announced they are rolling out profile verification aka official blue ticks to help well-know artists stand out and emerging artists who are highly searched for…

SoundCloud Verified

To get a profile verified; an account must represent a well-known and/or highly searched for artist, DJ, collective, label, curator or podcaster, cannot contain any misleading information and adhere to SoundCloud’s terms of use.

All accounts must have a bio, profile picture and at least one track uploaded to be able to request verification.

If you are ready to send a request then log into your SoundCloud account using a computer, head to your settings and click on “Request Verification” button. It can take up to 30 days for the team to review, however if you are a Pro Unlimited subscriber then your application will be prioritised!

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