Spotify Announces Direct Upload For Artists

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This new feature is currently in beta and invite only

Spotify have revealed they are to allow artists to upload music directly – cutting out the middleman!

Previously, artists wanting to upload their music to Spotify would either need to be signed to a major label or use a third-party distribution service to access the service but now artists will have full control over their music!

This new feature is only in beta mode currently but Spotify have confirmed it has been tested by some independent labels & artists and will allow artists to see how a release looks before listeners and schedule a release in advance.

Not sure how this will affect Soundcloud but could be a massive game-changer with cutting out the middleman for independent artists and labels!

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Hammy Havoc
5 years ago

I don’t think it’ll change much. Artists still need to be on all the other platforms because Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa are so important now.

Google Play and YouTube have allowed direct upload for years. It’s just the latest PR stunt from the company that pays $50 per million plays. It’s also only open to a select handful of artists currently.

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