Turbulence Berlin: An Exciting New Space For Music & Culture at Tegel Airport

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Turbulence TXL Cultural Venue Berlin

A great new space to enjoy music and art

Opening this Saturday, 30th September, Turbulence Berlin is the city’s newest music and cultural centre.

Turbulence Berlin - TXL Airport

This new space is set to become the hotspot for ravers, music enthusiasts, and artists, located inside Tegel Airport’s old food cafeteria, Alte Frachtkantine.

Tegel Airport Berlin

It all starts this weekend with the ‘Lift Off’ mini-festival, which will include live music, DJ sets, workshops, art, performances, and a big rave. There will also be a market, as well as food and drinks, and lots of places to hang around.

Entry is free so if you are looking for something to do, go and check it out.

Click here for more info.

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