Can’t Wait EP – Lavan/L&F [+98]

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Cant Wait EP - Lavan L&F
A must-have release if you are a house & garage fan

This new EP ‘Can’t Wait’ by Lavan with L&F on remix duties is the 7th vinyl drop for the +98 crew and is an impressive release that showcases the artist’s vast musical knowledge and unique blend of tastes.

The EP features a variety of House and UKG club tracks that are guaranteed to get your hips and feet moving on every occasion when it’s played with the remix by L&F hitting the spot with a House and Garage romper stomper and giving the release the finishing touches.

The A1 has been been grabbing everyone’s attention with Puresa Records boss playing it recently in one of his mixes and is definitely my fave, I normally always prefer the B-sides but both these A-side tracks have got me.

“Can’t Wait” by Lavan is a groovy and energetic track that is characterized by a driving rhythm, catchy vocals, and a funky bassline. The track is built around a pulsating beat that is accompanied by a rolling bassline, jazzy chords, and soulful vocal sample. The overall feel of the track is upbeat and uplifting, with a strong emphasis on danceability and rhythm.

Priced at 12€, this a must-have EP if you are a fan of House and UK Garage music, click here to order your copy.

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