Guess Who’s Back EP – Julie Marghilano

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Julie Marghilano - Guess who's back EP
Berlin based record label ‘Sol Asylum’ is back with another on point release

Julie Marghilano’s ‘Guess Who’s Back’ EP is a mesmerizing and captivating digital release that showcases the artist’s exceptional talent and creativity. The EP, released under the Sol Asylum label, features four tracks that are both emotionally rich and sonically adventurous.

The EP features a variety of genres, including electronic, house, techno, UK Garage, breakbeat, and experimental.


It is hard to pick a favourite track but ‘Let It Groove’ is a perfect example of Marghilano’s unique style and exceptional talent in creating intricate and emotionally rich electronic music.

The track begins with a steady and thumping beat that is soon joined by a groovy bassline, subtle synths and some vocals. It is perfectly balanced, with a steady rhythm and a haunting melody that builds up to an explosive climax.

The EP is priced at 7€ and is available via Bandcamp, click here.

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