Liven Texture Lab: A New Synth by Sonicware

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Sonicware Liven texture Lab Synth

Shipping begins 30th May 2023

Japanese company Sonicware is back with another quirky machine – ‘LIVEN Texture Lab‘.

LIVEN Texture Lab Synthesizer

This new machine is a granular synthesizer and effects processor that allows you to create entirely new sounds from your samples. It features a powerful granular engine that can slice your samples into grains of any length, then manipulates and reconstructs them in a variety of ways. You can use the synthesizer to create everything from lush ambient pads to chaotic noisescapes, and everything in between.

  • Sample, slice, transform and reconstruct audio to synthesize completely new sounds
  • Granular synthesizer with granular effects processor mode
  • Shimmer reverb for fantastical and majestic sounding spaces
  • The 128-step sequencer with parameter locking
  • World-famous sound designers have provided presets as results of their experiments

Priced at 319€ /$239, pre-order yours today!

(Shipping begins on 30th May, or 9th June for customers outside the EU.)

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