Sonic Boom EP – Azaad [Dungeon Meat]

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Azaad - Sonic Boom EP

Four killer tracks, ready for any rave

Every day, I go online searching for new music, checking various sites and socials to see what’s new or what’s coming, and last week I came across a label called ‘Dungeon Meat‘ run by Tristan Da Cunha and Brawther via record store 60Waves.

 One of their recent releases ‘Sonic Boom’ is by a London DJ/Producer Azaad who has been making waves in the house music scene for the past few years and his performances frequently incorporate hidden 90s UKG gems and rare treasures from the golden period of US, UK, French, and Italian house, as well as his own productions, drawing from numerous inspirations across his ever-growing record collection.


The EP kicks off with ‘Zest‘ which has a catchy groove and chunky drums, The vocals are chopped up and looped, creating a hypnotic effect. This one had me moving as soon I pressed play.

 The A-2 ‘Sonic Boom‘ is a bit more stripped back but it’s still powerful. The alien kind of synth sounds are particularly effective, creating a sense of otherworldliness.

Flip over to the B-side and ‘Dub Analyser‘ is my fave track from this release!! This tune takes things up a notch with its raw, percussive sound. The drums are absolutely pounding, and the bassline is deep and dirty. The vocals are also very effective and I love a good vocal on a track.

The EP finishes with ‘Making Moves‘ which features a deep bassline alongside soulful vocals. The synth sounds are also very well done, adding a sense of atmosphere to the track.

Overall, this is one hell of a release and that B1 is on fire followed closely by the A1. As soon as I heard this EP, I wanted to get moving and groovin’. I’m looking forward to hearing it on a dancefloor.

Click here to buy the EP.

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